Safe transfer of patients with infectious diseases

COVID-19 patient transports of the Malteser Air Ambulance

Safe transport in unsafe times

The current coronavirus pandemic leads to a particularly high demand in specialist patient transports. Overloaded hospitals in specific regions, as well as insufficient intensive-care or treatment capacities on site may make it necessary to transport patientes with COVID-19. Transporting highly infectious patients  in critical condition requires comprehensive measures to protect the patient and the medical staff alike, however.

While ground transport across long distances is often not feasible and transfer by helicopter is expensive and dependent on the weather, we can transport your patients quickly and safely in an ambulance aircraft.

We transport patients in a closed patient isolation unit.

Advantages of the patient isolation unit

  • Safety by permanent negative pressure
  • Inlet and outlet filters
  • No restriction in continuous treatment of the patient

Technical equipment

10 ambulance aircrafts with full intensive care equipment, such as

  • Hamilton T1 intensive ventilation device
  • Zoll X-series monitoring
  • Mobile I-STAT blood gas analysis

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Our services

  • We will transfer COVID patients within Germany and around the world
  • Upon request, we will organise the entire transport, including the drive to the starting airport and collection at the target airport
  • We will accompany the patient throughout the duration of the transport with our own medical staff
  • We will ensure intensive care for the patient throughout the transport

Your advantages

  • Saving time: Transport times are much shorter than with other means of transport, typically by more than half
  • Health: Low stress and ideal care for patients minimise the risks
  • Range: Our transports are available world-wide
  • Safety: Infection protection for accompanying medical staff is ensured throughout

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