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Global Medical Repatriations with Malteser Air Ambulance

Any of us can be affected by an accident or sudden illness. But especially when abroad, the patient and their relatives are faced with the anxious question: How to get home now? Our medical repatriation service will bring you back home safely, where you can enjoy the best possible medical care.

Why our service is so important: Often people can no longer drive home in their own car after an accident or when ill. Commercial flights may be impossible for them as well, as return journeys subject to long waiting times, inspections, or delays may be too difficult and risky. Depending on your needs, we will organise your transport back home. Of course, we will take care of all forms and organise the accompaniment of an experienced doctor if necessary.

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You can contact us at any time. Our Operations Centre is manned 24/7.

Malteser Repatriation Services

We will gladly advise you in person and present the all-in-one solution of the Malteser Repatriation Services.

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